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Features in the Spotlight
Dominion Wars Screenshots  
eUniverse Games has twelve new screenshots from Gizmo Games' upcoming real-time space combat game, Deep Space Nine: Dominion Wars. We've also got a link to a brand new teaser movie.

Review: Kohan  
We take a look at Strategy First's and Timegate's recently released Fantasy Wargame, Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns, and find that it is good... very good. Read the review to find out more.

Top News Headlines Monday, April 9, 2001
read the full story New Warcommander Screens
CDV Software has release new screenshots from Independent Arts' upcoming real-time tactical wargame, Warcommander.

read the full story Robin Hood Update - 1 comment
Cinemaware sent eUGames an update detailing the progress for its upcoming action strategy game, Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown.

read the full story Fighting Legends Beta Sign-Up - 2 comments
Maximum Charisma Studios needs Fighting Legends Beta Testers. Twenty-Five Thousand Beta Testers, to be exact.

More Current News
New 'RTS III' Screenshot Available 11:52 am PT
Ensemble Studios has released a new screenshot of their upcoming real-time strategy game, code-named "RTS III". Click on the headline for the shot.

Unofficial Warcraft III F.A.Q. Updated 10:51 pm PT has updated their Unofficial F.A.Q. for Warcraft III.

Waterloo Demo Released 2:13 pm PT
Strategy First has released a playable demo of Waterloo: Napoleon's Last Battle.

New Black & White Creature Released 2:11 pm PT
The Best Buy website has posted a file in which you can unlock the Gorilla in Black & White.

Tanya from Red Alert 2 Chat 11:55 am PT
Kari Wuhrer, the actress that brought Special Agent Tanya to life in Command & Conquer Red Alert 2, will be at Westwood Studios for a live chat.

3D Emperor Screenshot 11:18 am PT
Westwood has released a 3D screenshot (1.4Mb) from their upcoming 3D RTS game, Emperor: Battle for Dune. This QuickTime image allows you to rotate and zoom your way around a scene from the game.

Rogue Wars Website Launches 11:13 am PT
ReAllis has launched the official website for Rogue Wars, their upcoming 3D action strategy game. This site features a gallery of screens, gameplay and story details, and more.

New Luna Beta Soon 9:53 am PT
Anarchy Enterprises will be releasing a new beta patch for its 3D sim strategy game, Luna: Moon Colony Simulator, next week.

Fighting Legends Screens 9:22 am PT
Maximum Charisma Studios sent eUGames new screenshots from their upcoming role-playing strategy title, Fighting Legends.

Fall of the Reich Released 7:29 am PT
TalonSoft’s Fall of the Reich, the expansion pack to East Front II, is now available for preorder directly through TalonSoft.

Age of Sail II Patch Released 10:46 am PT
Talonsoft and Akella have released the latest patch for Age of Sail II, with a virtual ton of fixes and enhancements.

Kohan Tournament Launched 10:05 am PT
TimeGate Studios is now accepting applications for entry into Ceyah Wars, a single-elimination tournament in which players will dare to master the Ceyah Faction.

Kingdom Under Fire 1.09 Patch Available 9:54 am PT
The officla Kingdom Under Fire site has posted a new (11 MB) patch for Kingdom Under Fire.

Rails Across America Announced - 7 comments 9:10 am PT
Rails Across America is a real-time multiplayer strategy game in which players build railroad empires across North America.

Arab-Israeli Wars Announced - 9 comments 2:32 pm PT
TalonSoft announced today it will develop Arab-Israeli Wars, a turn-based combat game expected to be released in Summer 2001.

Featured Demos
Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns  
TimeGate Studios is pleased to announce that the Kohan Demo is ready for download. Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns is a real-time strategy game set in the fantasy world, Khaldun, in which you are one of an immortal race known as the Kohan.

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