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Features in the Spotlight
IL-2 Interview with Oleg Maddox  
We were fortunate enough to be granted an interview with Oleg Maddox, Lead Programmer for the upcoming IL-2 Sturmovik flight simulation.

Jane's F-15 Review  
We've taken a look at the classic flight sim, Jane's F-15, one of the last sims by Andy Hollis, and the last in a long legacy of successful F-15 simulations.

Top News Headlines Monday, April 9, 2001
read the full story Hornet Korea Gold Announced
Graphsim Entertainment has just announced the Gold edition to one of the most beloved flight sims of all time, F/A-18 Korea.

read the full story Fighting Steel Project V3.0 Announced
Naval Warfare Simulations has just announced the Fighting Steel Project version 3.0.

read the full story Pearl Harbor by Flight One
Flight One has announced a new add-on pack for Combat Flight Simulator II, Pearl Harbor.

More Current News
New 'Tip of the Day' at Pie's 12:44 pm PT
Pie's Tactics has been updated with yet another Tip of the Day, this time dealing with a handy hack to create your own countdown messages.

Simtech Interview Available 12:25 pm PT
WWI Simulation Fansite Wings of Honour have interviewed Simtech Flight Design about some of their upcoming projects for CFS2 and FS2000.

MeatWater CFS2 Folderz Available 12:20 pm PT
Meatwater, creator of the famous sound packs for European Air War, has released a new utility for Combat Flight Simulator 2.

FJFS Updates 12:15 pm PT
Fast Jet Flight Simulations has been updated with some interesting tidbits regarding Flanker 2.5 and Lock On: Modern Air Combat.

Fifth Installment of Mig War Diary Available 12:11 pm PT
Nico from the Flight Sim Cafe wrote in to let us know that the fifth installment of his Mig Alley diary, covering days thirteen through fifteen, is now available.

UAL 747-400 Drawing Available 12:04 pm PT
Jamie Wilcox has just released an absolutely stunning rendering of a United Airlines 747-400 to use as your wallpaper.

Two Gun Models for HK ITD v2.1 Released 1:51 pm PT
Cocobolo Ops has released two new weapons screenshots for their HK ITD Mod v2.1 for Rogue Spear.

New Echelon Screenshots Available 12:26 pm PT
The Official Echelon Homepage has been updated with six new screenshots of Echelon, Bethesda's upcoming sci-fi sim.

Flanker 2.51 Beta Patch Available 12:17 pm PT
GAME Studios has released a beta patch for the recently released Flanker 2.5 upgrade.

F4U Corsair Carrier Landing Simulator Goes Gold 12:13 pm PT
The F4U Corsair Carrier Landing Simulator, created by Roger Long, has just gone gold.

FlightSimOnline's World Tour Adds Malaysia, Indonesia, and The Philippines 11:59 am PT
FlightSimOnline has expanded its virtual world tour to now include Malaysia, Indonesia, and The Philippines.

BA747 'World Tails' Textures Released 11:52 am PT
Feel Real Flight has released new textures for the tails of its Boeing 747.

Trucksims Transport Announced 11:47 am PT
Trucksims Transport has announced the world's first "Virtual Carrier," group, in which they use trucks, rather than airplanes.

BAe 146-200 and Avro RJ 85 for FS2000 Released 11:44 am PT
The International Aircraft Design Group has released two new planes for FS2000, the BAe 146-200 and the Avro RJ 85.

SimActu Files Mirrored 11:39 am PT
SimActu has written in, letting us know that they've mirrored some pretty important files.

Featured Demos
Battlecruiser Millenium Demo  
Battlecruiser Millennium is the ground breaking sequel to the critically acclaimed and industry recognized, Battlecruiser series. Being the third title in the series, BCM is a technological breakthrough in all aspects of its implementation. Download the demo here.

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