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Features in the Spotlight
Hoyle Card Games 2001  
eUniverse Games Reviews Hoyle Card Games 2001, the latest edition to the Hoyle family of games. Hoyle Word Games contains 16 popular card games to which will appeal to card game fans and casual gamers.

Myst 3: Exile Q&A  
Developed by Presto Studios, Myst III: Exile features five entirely new ages for players to explore and hours of new mysteries to uncover. eUGames catches up with Susan Weyer of Presto Studios to find out the latest in this popular adventure series.

Top News Headlines Monday, April 9, 2001
read the full story THQ announces deal with Disney
THQ and Disney announced a new deal to publish two titles for Nintendo's Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color handheld systems. Both titles are based on Atlantis: The Lost Empire, an upcoming feature film from Disney.

read the full story Style Laboratory
O2 has released new media for Style Laboratory on the Xbox. The title is based on runway fashion models, and was featued at the 2001 Spring Tokyo Game Show.

read the full story Neverland Saga
Idea Factory and Microsoft have released new game media for Neverland Saga. The title is an upcoming release for the X-Box console featuring characters from Idea Factory's Spectral series.

More Current News
Blues Clues: Blue’s Big Musical 1:01 pm PT
THQ & Nickelodeon announced the release of Blues Clues: Blue's Big Musical for Playstation. The title is based on a popular childrens television show on the Nickelodeon network.

Phase Paradox 12:20 pm PT
Gamespot has posted a new hands on preview of Phase Paradox, a new action/adventure title in development by Sony for the Playstation 2. Phase Paradox is a upcoming action/adventure horror title from Sony Computer Entertainment for release later this year.

Media Vision Adventure Title 12:17 pm PT
Media Vision announced the studio will be developing a new adventure game which involves 20 mice, and will be released shortly after the X-Box's launch in Japan and North America.

Silent Hill 2: Hands On 12:14 pm PT
Gamespot has posted a new hands on preview of Silent Hill 2 from the Spring 2001 TGS show.

Triangle Again 12:00 pm PT
Production I.G.'s anime-themed adventure game, Triangle Again, will be developed for Microsoft's X-Box console. New gameplay movies have been released at the 2001 Spring Tokyo Game Show.

Silent Hill Media 10:19 am PT
Konami has released new media for Silent Hill 2, the sequel to the original console adventure game. Silent Hill 2 is currently being developed for the X-Box console for release later this year.

Myst 3 on X-Box 10:07 am PT
Microsoft and Presto Studios released new movies of Myst 3 at this year's Spring 2001 Tokyo Game Show. The movies are offered in multiple formats for download or streaming.

Adventure Pinball Demo 8:48 pm PT
Digital Extremes has released a playable demo of Adventure Pinball: Forgotten Island. The demo is 16.9 MB and offers you a taste of 3D pinball developed with the Unreal Engine.

Schizm Demos 12:53 pm PT
Project 3 Interactive has released 2 movies for Schizm: Mysterious Journey. The movies are 36MB and 56MB in size.

Schizm Beta 12:47 pm PT
Project 3 Interactive announced Schizm: Mysterious Journey has entered beta status. Final debugging will take place over the following weeks to prepare the game for production.

Minigolf Manics 12:32 pm PT
Sierra Attractions has announced the latest Alpha version of Minigolf Manics. The title will offer users with over 20 courses to play on and will feature 8 characters to play as. No release date has been announced for the title.

3-D Ultra Pinball: Thrill Ride 12:26 pm PT
Sierra announced the release of 3-D Ultra Pinball: Thrill Ride for Nintendo Gameboy Color. The title offers 11 amazing tables with all the features of the PC title such as tilt, nudge and a rumble pack option to simulate ball collisions.

5th Dementia 12:21 pm PT
Jellyvision announced the release of 5th Dementia for Windows. The title is the latest edition to the You Don't Know Jack family, and is the first to introduce Internet multiplayer capabilities to the YDKJ party experience.

You Don't Know Jack Mock 2 12:20 pm PT
Sierra On-Line and Jellyvision, Inc. today announced the release of You Don't Know Jack Mock 2 for PlayStation. The game introduces a new 3D environment and new questions for PlayStation gamers looking for a hilarious and fast-paced experience.

Dogz 4 Released 12:11 pm PT
The Learning Company has released Dogz 4, the latest edition of the company's virtual pet software.

Featured Demos
Hoyle Casino 2001  
Sierra Attractions is pleased to announced the release of the Hoyle Casino 2001 Demo. Hoyle Casino offers an amazing virtual casino experience which offers 350 Vegas-Style variations of popular casino games.

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